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About The 'Living National Treasures' Museum

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For people like ourselves, it has become essential to have some interesting distraction from the stresses of our increasingly hectic lives: few such distractions are more rewarding than spending quality time in a space surrounded by sophisticated art. I imagine that this mission of museums—to provide a space for aesthetic enrichment—will become ever more important in the future. Mindful of this, we decided to open the 'Living National Treasures' Museum. The aim of this museum is to exhibit—and to allow us to appreciate together—works of art by so-called 'Living National Treasures', contemporary creative artists who embody the 'intangible cultural property' of modern Japan. We hope that in this museum you will be able to enjoy Japanese beauty in its highest form, epitomized in works of art that can be only crafted by the most skillful of artisans, and that this experience will bring you back to the spiritual roots of Japanese people that we so often tend to neglect.

Yoshiaki Yabe, curator, 'Living National Treasure' Museum
'Living National Treasure' Museum
Shoji Hamada
"Kokuyusabinagashigaki obachi
(Painted large dish with black glaze)"
Ryujo Hori
"Banto (Saturn peaches)"
About our exhibitions
Yasokichi Tokuda III
"Yosaikaki (Aurora vase)"

Among the 'living national treasures' active in various areas, our exhibitions concentrate primarily on those working in the ceramic arts, with a secondary focus on creators of dolls, lacquer and metal work. Our exhibits often feature comparisons between contemporary pieces and the antique works of art in which these modern creations find their inspiration. Our exhibits also include arts and crafts produced by artisans who have not been selected as living national treasures.

Themes addressed in exhibitions

- 4th Floor : Old ceramics from around the world. Observatory
- 3rd Floor : Distinguished pieces by 'Living National Treasures'; Outstanding pieces by other modern artists.
- 2nd Floor : Special Events Area: Special exhibition by Morihiro Hosokawa
- 1st Floor : Japanese Green Tea Area. Museum shop.

Our permanent collection includes more than two hundred pieces.

Inside the museum
Koheiji Miura
"Seiji mizusashi (Celadon water jug)"
Naoji Terai
(Makie tea box with an afterglow scene)"
Craftworks by Morihiro Hosokawa

Morihiro Hosokawa was born in 1938. Eight years ago, he stepped down from a political career as a member of the House of Representatives to devote his time to ceramic arts. In 2001, he built a studio in Futōan, overlooking Yugawahara, and built his kiln in Karuizawa. He has visited other pottery kilns throughout Japan in order to expand his expertise in the creation of fine ceramics. Hosokawa's pieces mostly feature utensils used in rural Japanese tea ceremonies, including Raku-yaki, Shino and Karatsu; however, he has received high praise from admirers of fine ceramics for his creations of inspired Shigaraki-yaki jars, carvings and sculptures. He is also a master calligrapher with a wide repertoire of genres, including Chinese poetry and Japanese waka poems. His gentle, skillful strokes will be sure to fascinate you with their purity, grace and beauty.
Here we have special exhibitions of our regional artist, Morihiro Hosokawa to provide you with opportunities to experience the splendor of our local arts.

Morihiro Hosokawa
"Akachawan (Red bowl)"
Morihiro Hosokawa
"Tokubetsushitsu (Special room)"
Morihiro Hosokawa
"Shigaraki otsubo
(Shigaraki-yaki jar)"
After your visit

The 'Living National Treasure' Museum offers visitors the chance to sample Japanese green tea in cups beautifully handcrafted by 'living national treasures.' You can choose one of twelve different tea cups, which include creations by Shoji Hamada, Toyo Kaneshige, Jusetsu Miwa among others. After viewing the museum collection in our museum, you are now given the chance to touch and feel our artworks through your hands and lips.

Toyo Kaneshige
"Bizenchawan (Bizen bowl)"
Juzo Kagoshima
"Madoromi (Awake from slumber)"
Jusetsu Miwa
(Hagi-yaki white bowl)"
The 'Living National Treasure' Museum Membership


We launched our membership program with the hope of contributing to the further development of arts and crafts. Through our activities, we also hope that more and more people will feel close to art.

Annual Membership benefits include:

- Free admission to our exhibitions throughout the year
- 200yen admission discount on a companion ticket
- Free expert appraisals on art pieces especially pottery (2nd and 4th Thursdays)
- Free professional referral to experts in fine arts sales

Membership fee


Joining the membership program

Please fill in an application form at our museum and pay the membership fee. Upon receipt of form and fee, we will issue you a membership card. For further details, please ask at the reception.